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  • How long will my coffee last?
    Since we roast our coffee multiple times weekly, your bag(s) of coffee will last several months in its protective packaging. The package that your coffee comes in is the best place to store your coffee. We recommend that you keep your coffee sealed in its package at room temperature. Do not put your coffee in the refrigerator or the freezer as this will only dry it out more quickly.
  • What is your return policy?
    Because coffee is a food product, we can not take any returns. If there is a problem with your order, please reach out to us and we will do everything in our power to correct it for you at:
  • How often do you ship?
    We ship out coffee orders Mondays - Fridays to the continental U.S. Our shipping software is not set up for overseas shipping; however, we can give you a custom quote to ship anywhere in the world. Contact us at
  • How much coffee do I need?
    A 1-2 person household drinking a pot of coffee per day will go through (1) 12oz bag of coffee per week. We recommend ordering 4-5 bags to last you through the month. You can also order your favorite coffee in a 5# bag to save on money and packaging.
  • What is Artisan Roasting?
    Fresh roasted coffee is not Artisan roasted coffee. There’s a huge difference between the two. It seems “fresh roasted coffee” is a recent fad in the industry and while fresh roasted coffee is absolutely more preferable to coffee that’s been on the shelf for over six months (as is most large commercial brands), it’s still not comparable to Artisan roasting. Artisan roasting is a skilled craft, not just a job or process. The love and energy that goes into a craft elevates the quality of the product. Artisan roasters don’t just throw raw coffee into a roaster and push start, they take each coffee on a journey through the roasting process to bring out the best flavor profiles in the coffee ensuring the coffee is always smooth and well balanced, no matter the variety.
  • How should I grind my coffee?
    There are several wonderful ways to brew your coffee so here is a general guideline for some of the most popular techniques. If your brewing method isn’t listed here just go off the one that closest resembles your brewer. Automatic Coffee Pot - medium grind K-cup - medium grind, medium to fine grind for a stronger cup Aeropress - fine grind Pour Over (such as Chemex) - coarse grind French Press - coarse grind Cold Brew - coarse grind Espresso - espresso grind Commercial Autobrewer - fine grind

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