Corporate Gifts

Gift Freshly Roasted Artisan Coffee - From our Heart to their Door


Gift Freshly Roasted Artisan Coffee - From our Heart to their Door


Looking for the perfect gift for clients, employees or partners? Gift them something that enhances their everyday moments.  Something ENJOYABLE, THOUGHTFUL & MEMORABLE,  from You to Them.

Yes to “Fresh” - we are an artisan roaster who roasts our coffee daily

Yes to “Quality” - we source our amazing products and beautiful packaging from eco-friendly sources.

Yes to “Convenience” - You’re busy.  We get it.  Just input your data below and we will do the rest.  No need to contact us any further!


No “Email Gift” - let’s face it, an email gift isn’t the same as receiving a beautiful package - let’s do it right

No “They Pick” - your people are busy too.  Who wants to take their time to pick out their own gift?!?

No “You” Ship - we will handle all the individual shipping so you can do YOU.


Why send a gift from Brown Sugar Coffee Roastery?

Love, Life, Health - These are the values in which we aim to put into everything we do here at BSR. From sourcing and roasting single-origin coffees to the blending of our coveted espresso, we know you will be able to taste the dedication that goes into what we do. We have been operating this way since we opened in 2009, and we have a reputation of quality & commitment. It’s our way of life here in Wyoming!


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