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Brown Sugar Coffee Roastery


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Brown Sugar  


Truly Great Coffee

Love, Life, Health - These are the values in which we aim to put into everything we do here at BSR. From sourcing and roasting single-origin coffees to the blending of our coveted espresso, we know you will be able to taste the dedication that goes into what we do. We have been operating this way since we opened in 2009, and we have a reputation of quality & commitment. It’s our way of life! To you, as you browse our site, we say, “Welcome”.  We hope to help you fall in love with truly great coffee.

Espresso, and Brews


A desire for excellence goes into everything we do. Our job is to bring out the best flavor in every coffee bean we roast to ensure you have the perfect cup no matter how you prefer to brew. We invite you to try all our seasonal varieties and blends and taste the unique differences in each. From the earthy, smooth Sumatra to the bright, floral notes of our Ethiopia; find the one that best fits your palette and be sure to share it with family and friends!




Why Ethical Coffee Matters

We believe in taking care.  Taking care of our health, taking care of our people and taking care of our planet are crucial to our mission. To accomplish this we take care of our coffee producers by buying Fair Trade Certified coffees. Fair Trade means that the farmers are paid an honest amount for their crop and a premium is invested back into the communities in which they live. We take care of our health by striving to purchase Organic coffee and this also ensures our planet is cared for.

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